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Introducing a luxurious Beauty Collection that celebrates both elegance and fandom, featuring three enchanting soap labels taken from sketches of Taylor Swift. 


#1 Our first soap, a delightful fusion of mint, lavender, and a hint of winter magic, promises a refreshing and invigorating experience with every use.


#2 The second soap in our collection boasts the timeless allure of Lavender essential oil, complemented by a luscious purple hue, offering a truly indulgent lavender experience that soothes the senses.


Last but not least, #3 our Wildflowers Soap captures the essence of a serene garden, with its floral notes gently caressing the skin like a soft breeze through a bed of blossoms.


Crafted with the passion of Swifties in mind, this soap embodies the delicate yet vibrant spirit of Taylor Swift herself.

Luxurious Beauty Collection 3 Soaps (Swift)

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